Rise Above All 2022 | 33 Success secrets you need to know

Rise Above All-2022 is the largest public speaking, learning, and motivational platform in Bangladesh organized by Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy. It hosts experts from diversified fields and sectors sharing their route to the top, struggles, inspiration, and aspiration to become a game-changer in their arenas. 

The legendary successful speakers share their secrets to grow to the top of any area. The secrets are simple and open secrets that pave the way to greatness. We will explore all the tips the guests shared, the success and challenges the program faced and the impacts

It is a golden opportunity to know their stories of success and failure, how they have come where they are now, and what it takes to stand out of the crowd and be extraordinary among the ordinary.

Rise Above All-2022

Rise Above All 2022 was fantastic event with 12 speakers, 12 formal Facebook live streaming, Goodybags with more than two thousand BDT offers, complimentary refreshments (coffee, chips), 28 sponsors, 2,000 audience, 150 volunteers, and wealth/mines of knowledge.

It is the 6th arrangement; the first one was with 100 participants at EMK Center.

Reasons to attend the Rise Above All 2022

It is a rare opportunity in Bangladesh where you can interact with resource persons ranging from VC to State Minister, content creator to corporate leaders. Some of the reasons to attend such glorious programs include but are not limited to:

  1. Networking with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, potential employers
  2. Entrepreneurial ideas and hacks
  3. Self-employment ideas
  4. Exploring the true potentials in you
  5. Developing self-esteem, motivation, and preparation
  6. Dropping CV
  7. Employment opportunities
  8. Signing up for collaboration
  9. Business and startup ideas
  10. Finding ways to professional excellence
  11. Availing discounts and promotional offers from sponsors and partners
  12. Lifetime great experience
  13. Realistic advice from the experts
  14. Exploring the stories of the legend in the making
  15. Discovering the actual scenario in the world of business, entertainment, music, and other fields
  16. Engaging, exclusively entertaining
  17. Portal to knowledge
  18. Exploring the potentials of Bangladesh and how to utilize them

Who attended the program?

The program has wide implications and applications. People from all walks of life have something to relate to and learn. The major participants came from:

  1. Students
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Content creators
  4. Media personnel
  5. Service holders
  6. Job seekers
  7. Idea hunters
  8. Trainers
  9. Motivational speakers

Ticket price: Tickets were available for Walton presents Rise Above All, 2022 online and offline. Ticket Price:

  • Regular price: BDT 1000 per ticket
  • For Early Birds: BDT 800 per ticket ( till 10th March)
  • For Group ( minimum 5 tickets): BDT 700 per ticket

Sponsors and Partners

  • Title Sponsor: Walton
  • Powered by: Frutika
  • In Association with RTV


  1. Pulse
  2. Dan Cake
  3. Dabur
  4. Shwapno
  5. Maven Autos
  6. Lovegen

Sponsor Partners:

  1. Ice-Cream Partner: Polar Ice-cream
  2. Wardrobe Partner: Fit Elegance 
  3. Grooming Partner: Kool
  4. Sanitization Partner: Sepnil
  5. Hospitality Partner: Sheraton
  6. Ecommerce Partner: Walcart 
  7. Career Partner: Kormo jobs 
  8. Apparel Partner: GoodyBro
  9. Photography Partner:
  10. Checkmate 
  11. Personnel Partner: Ikigai HR Service Limited
  12. Live Partner: Dhaka Live
  13. Logistics Partner: eCourier 
  14. Youth Engagement Partner: The Graduates
  15. Refreshment Partner: Nescafe 
  16. Radio Partner: ABC Radio 89.2FM

Media Partners:

Organized by: Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy

Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

Every ‘Rise Above All’ event honors a business legend with a “Lifetime achievement award.” In 2022, this award goes to the most honorable, Sufi Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, the founder and chairman of the Bangladeshi successful conglomerate PHP Group of Industries. He is also the receiver of the country’s second-highest civilian honor, the Ekushey Padak (2020).

Guests and Speakers

  1. Keynote Speaker: Nasrul Hamid, State Minister of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources
  2. Vote of Thanks: Golam Murshed, Managing Director and CEO, Walton Hi-tech Industries

Speakers in appearing order:

  1. Yasir Azman, CEO, Grameenphone Ltd. 
  2. Syed Alamgir, Managing Director, and CEO, Akij Ventures Limited
  3. Ayman Sadiq, Founder, and CEO, 10 Minute School
  4. Syed Ashik Rahman, CEO, RTV
  5. Raba Khan, Content Creator
  6. Iftekhar Rafsan, Content Creator
  7. Rubana Huq, Vice-Chancellor, Asian University for Women 
  8. Manish Chauhan, Co-Founder, Noize Jeans  & LoveGen
  9. Siam Ahmed, Actor
  10. Rubaba Dowla, Country Managing Director, Oracle Bangladesh

Don Sumdany

Don Sumdany opens the curtains with all necessary information, opportunities, and schedules. It was great that he presented his parents, spouse, and the prettiest 3-year old daughter. The key program points he briefed:

  • The best line of 12 speakers from a variety of sectors
  • 12 Facebook lives formally and many more informally
  • Goody bags with more than Tk. two thousand +offers
  • Free coffee and chips 
  • 28 Sponsors 
  • 2000 Audience 
  • 150 Volunteers  

He thanked the audience for attending a place for networking instead of visiting tourist spots on this 3-day vacation.

After ice-breaking sessions with Hi-five, message, chopping, and a bit of fun with dance, he explained the struggles to arrange such a program. Unavailability of the Sportstars and the 90% decline from the clients for the show were presented. 

  • 1. Success stories is rejection stories, 
  • 2. Be persistent 
  • 3. Improving you constantly (you can not manage such programs tomorrow, be always the better version of yourself, dreaming of bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama)
  • 4. Select the proper association with the value-adding ecosystem, network, friends, mentors. Your association should be better than you, not necessarily in terms of money.
  • 5. Stop making wrong comparisons (Do not disappoint with social media Success)
  • 6. Magic happens outside the comfort zones. Do things out of the box
  • 7. Success is our duty, responsibilities; no way to miss it
  • 8. Love the work you do as a sport

Robin Sharma, “If you are the first runner, you are on the wrong track.”

Work so hard that you are a speaker in the ‘Rise Above All’ one day.

Yasir Azman, CEO, Grameenphone Ltd

Yasir Azman is a rare person to lead an MNC in Bangladesh. 

Asked and listed about what to listen to him (Audience: success, struggle, love, humble story, daily activities, rejection, song) 

He shares stories about his parents’ Doctor demand(however, he married a doctor), missing IBA after HSC in 1992, resorted to Abu Dhar Gifari College, B.Com, and finally completed MBA from IBA. Success formula he shares: 

  • Purpose, 
  • Passion, 
  • Hard work(together interrelated, magic happens, all possibilities in everyone) 

Achieve special skills to reach your goals with passions Power of people essential 

After IBA AMZ Grindlays 2010, he joined Ulenor(Udissa, India) to work on the least performing state and improve. 

In Karnataka, after losing their license, he Secured 500 employees’ jobs first before his job application invited competition CEOs to recruit.

To lead a society corporation, your must-have qualities are:

  • Honesty and Transparency: Leaders’ sustainable growth must require honesty, ethics, and transparency.
  • Empathy for people(Don’t put a devil shadow with a starship attitude) 
  • Constant learning(learn from juniors with respect) 
  • Result-oriented: Performance matters a lot.
  • Feedback Reward(reward and celebrate) cocreations, talking to every stakeholder’s Diversity Each can(believing)

Q-A: Ethical leadership ensures sustainability, Firing employees happens, and the issue is how honorably, empathy and result-orientation do not clash as the result-oriented target is set not to fire but to align goals with proper logistics

Syed Alamgir, MD, and CEO, Akij Ventures Limited

Happy to share experience disruptive marketing strategies.

Honors from Science Faculty, in Chemistry, MBA(IBA 6th batch) 

What to share: struggles, lessons, failure stories

Halal concept, a man with success magic Taking risks Disruptive Halal(soap hahaha), US(Halal corner in McDonald’s), Malaysia, BD Govt(Halal certification by BSTI), govt. officials, Shariah scholars Struggle: MBA(IBA-6th batch) 

1. Sanofi Aventis(British Pharmaceutical16 years)

2. Jamuna Group of Companies as Group Marketing Director(6-7 years)

Agrabad in CTG friends informed none knew, Nurul Islam Babul offered incredibly, Challenging to join local leaving MNC, US retuned as everything is done ownself, worked on shoes to compete Bata to be no. two(Pegasus sneakers and keds), to support RMG’s first knitting, dyeing, and finishing of Jamuna

Aromatic Cosmetics

3. ACI as Executive Director and became Managing Director of consumer brands and introduced ACI Salt, ACI Flours, ACI Foods, Joint-ventures Dabor, Tata, Godrej, etc. 

4. Akij Ventures Akij Dairy, Akij Foods and Beverage

The Fantastic spray is in place.

Akij Healthcare and Hygiene is coming soon

Focus on local products. 

Unilever MD in Sheraton thanked for international quality and similar pricing strategy; Lux soap need not be contested as your mom and his first wash with it. What foreigners can, we can too as for examples in soap (noodles, glycerine, perfume- soap manufacturers outsource all three and machine) 

Noodles, rice less foam, animal cheap, Vegetable pricey, better foam, and no scent. Outsourced great at a higher price and waited for London restaurant(beef 100% halal-concept originated, even wife first called traveling India thought me mad as they thought soap is not eaten).

Most IBA friends declined except one, Ruhul Amin, persuaded to establish own venture as it will succeed). 

Then proceeded and published all soaps haram, suspense came, 300 trainees were very eager with the speech.

2013, Kotler Foundation confirmed the concept had been included in the book Principles of Marketing(Page 67), and later, when Philip Kotler visited Bangladesh, he handed over the printed book.

Initiated unlimited brands and the success rate is impressive.

In ACI, two products(Savlon and Aerosol, joined 8 crores turnover, left 3,000 crores turnover, recruited 7,000 staffs, 9 awards from brand forums last year, ACI salt 13 crores packs) How to do such unbelievable? Firm believers (IBA best student) 

ACI salts 11 crore loss in 5 years, then researched and declares ACI salt develop merits (great response and success). 

Why Akij? It provides the best products with quality and innovative products from all ten sons; ten groups. 13 companies registered so far.

Q-A: Customer satisfaction and retention strategy: The Best way to customer retention is finding with research and feedback that your products are in demand to customers and helpful to them.


  1. Adaptability and understanding (Dealing with medicine but leads electric items in Jamuna)
  2. Painstakingly hard work 
  3. Disruptive marketing( Halal soap, salt helps brain development)

Syed Ashik Rahman, CEO, RTV

Syed Ashikur Rahman has been with RTV since 2010 and contributed to RTV to reach new heights. RTV is one of the most popular Bangladeshi satellite and cable television channels owned by Bengal Media Corporation. Mr.Ashik shares his personal experience regarding his journey in the media platform and will be giving tips for a career in media.

With inspiration from my mother, tuition started from school life and continued that helped me in leadership and self-study. After going abroad, I felt homesick and hardly missed any opportunities and vacations. Always felt like doing something for the country.

RTV has worked on digitization since 2009, with many requests from the USA to manage their channels online.

When the offer came for work in media back in 2004, one of the founders of Banglavision was profitable for the first time in Bangladesh with proper planning.

He contributed a lot in accounting, marketing, software, award program, business talks. 

Q-A: Why do we lag behind Indian channels?

India is a country with huge people, and still many of them follow us. So during corona, we arranged folk song competitions with mobile. We have been able to impose ads from abroad. So we are highly qualified to compete in India. Our channels are unbeatable for dramas.

Bangladesh suffers from R&D in the media industry. This is because the media deals with the smartest people and makes heroes easily and shortly. Skilled people are short in the industry.

What are tips for youngsters loving the media profession?

Be with time, beat the time with tech knowledge.

What is the future for journalism students?

Do not expect money first; quality will draw media to you. 

Few suggestions:

  • Planning
  • Dedication (dedication to work makes CEO in RTV at 32 only)
  • Discipline
  • Keep trying
  • Learn and apply science (Fantasy fails in most of the cases)

Ayman Sadiq, Founder, and CEO, 10 Minute School

The 10-minute school guy Ayman Sadiq shares his versatile experiences and focuses on a Social media masterclass considering the demography of the audience-mostly students. Social media marketing skill may be an excellent skill for students to 

Two factors play vital roles to increase the organic reach in facebook-User-generated content (UGC) and content multiplier

1. User-generated content-UGC 

A. Creating group perform better as the people also contribute the content creation ( page and group simultaneously) 

B. Uploading notes(handwritten) from group people with few hundreds/thousands of shares

C. Distribute to all platforms(blogs, books, scrapping audio-podcasts, quotes from video(multiplication by your team). It multiplies automatically and regularly.

Mobile itself does the best jobs(Inshot, Canva) Content>Upload>Distribution Comments, special notes, pinning the first comment, special notes. 


Share videos you can crosspost(vital point), repost, not reshare. Relevant videos in comment Instagram: Link on Bio Stories highlight- link Soundcloud: Distributing Hacks: Screenshot of most viewed videos 

Why do you need: 

1. Branding organizations/brands 

2. Branding you Referal in hiring from FB and Linkedin 

How are you branded? (what are the three words about you) 

Implement the hacks today to be in use. 

“We only suffer inner memory and imagination.”

Raba Khan, Content Creator

Facebook: 1.4 million subscribers

Instagram: 0.5 million

Raba Khan is Bangladesh’s famous social media content creator, singer, RJ, etc. She was enlisted in Forbes’s ’30 under 30-Asia’ in 2020. 

She shared the story behind her glorious success and the struggles behind that.

She expressed her confusion about what to discuss. She is a young lady Loving Toktoks, dramas, stories. Then started her own story: 

Very loving family with freedom unlimited 

It’s challenging when family supports you 

First income from Mehendi in twelve grade 

I was urged to prove to the family as well as money love, a bit arrogant Creative family (cultural too), extracurricular always, the family got shocked as students taking photos during O-level 

Negativity can not touch me as she is associated with many positive people. 

At 14 before O level, I started Relatives reacted negatively as media Radio RJ( as 16, TJ) 

Five suggestions she leaves:

  • 1. Focus(experiment everything, writing, video, radio, singing, recent album মুহূর্ত) so, choose many and find what works, in real life, she is not relatable, she can monetize her time 
  • 2. Make sure that you do not work excessively 
  • 3. Ensure your mental health first( during starting, didn’t get directed) do what you are contented with 
  • 4. Love and understand you( benefits from interviews, reality shows) 
  • 5. Never talk bad about yourself in front of people (people may take advantage, one school friend took it)

Rafsan, Content Creator

Social media Statistics:

YouTube: 1.0 million subscribers

Facebook: 2.4 million subscribers

Lots of Youtube watching


Studied in IUB

Real in life Weight 125 kg, without merit, making videos for others(, Ekramul friend encouraged me to make videos on foods before Burger King.

  • Be out of comfort zones(Life begins out of comfort zones). The First video in 2017(friends- garbage) didn’t stop.
  • Be what your passion leads. 
  • One key is common to leaders( speakers on the rise, too) consistency 
  • Teamwork matters(previously one in two months, now productive and motivated) 
  • People need not demean others as it affects personal life. 

Q: How to avoid demotivation?

Playing games

Rubana Huq, Vice-Chancellor, Asian University for Women VC-Asian University for Women

A lady with versatile experiences and exposures is Rubana Huq who was the first female president of BGMEA

Don is a hopeful man; address him as a son(beta). 

  • Need to be humble enough
  • All is possible from my part and your part too; you must have courage and family support (as Don brings parents) 
  • Age always has wisdom.
  • Works in pleasure and in bad times thanks Allah as a believer(sleep at 2 am after lots of painstaking hard work
  • Believe in you and Don’t waste time with the shedding of tears, 
  • be strong-minded Dream of AUW 70 students from garments, 18 graduates; they are going to be entrepreneurs 
  • No dream dies for money University I could not for manage accommodation fee $12000(scholarship managed) NYU(Lubna Marium- Dancer, wife of Sufi vai, needed not money but inspired, ), now I am faculty, Fellow of Harvard
  • Be the man to be supportive as supports matter
  • Light by yourself walk with all.
  • Rise Above All should be above biases- request for Rise With All), who are you leaving, why, all-inclusive, not engaging, must be meaningful, impact, keep all with you-it does not define you Lots of millionaires but no Tata, Birla. 

“Failure is deliberate”-Rezwana Hasan Bela- you are a victorious generation. 

How BD can be Asian +1 is underway.

Manish Chauhan, Co-Founder, Noize Jeans  & LoveGen

Interestingly, Angshika Chauhan, daughter of Manish Chauhan had a presence who can sing songs in 5 languages. Don took the chance and two songs touched the hearts of the audience.

Indian by birth, Bangladeshi by heart

Very ordinary to relate( Was disorganized, lazy Punctual, disciplined, At 4/5, jumped, slapped thrice, thought and discovered skipping Don’t jump

Don’t repeat the mistake

Analyse the causes of issues 3 km to save 10 rupees( walking together, try to make pressures to pleasures) find pleasures in work Create a team(success comes from people)

befriended with topper guy to know how he topped, You can associate with right people what you can not do well

People in hostels were textile, ideas surrounding was textile, 

try to be a good absorber- sponge Knowledge matters, not academics (electronic engineering serving in all posts in textile) Extraordinary in the job( spinning mill supervisor with 1600 rupees)

Most workers come and go to save jobs 

Do something that differentiates you, in six years to topmost post-2003 from 1997 heading 4000 people(doing projects, not jobs). The textile sector considers my case study.

2003, in BD at 20,000, marketing yarn, USP(Unique Selling Proposition), study what existing and discovered amazing, 

  • Cut the competition
  • Reduce the queue by differentiated products

In 2009, business career first business with a partner 

In 2011, zero with $500 bank balance, worked as spring to jump(to absorb failures), Anurag supported, maintain relations, problems reduce, 1+1 becomes 11, be selfish(happy) to make and help be happy 

The first production 2015 in BD 36000 to 3 mil in 2019, yearly 40-50% growth, targeting to be the largest by 2025, Training lots of freshers, 

Fashion denim was by Turkish and Italian; we bet and succeeded.

Lovegen is in association with Don for the local retail brand globally, community to involve people. 

Biggest 5 tips to succeed:

  • 1. Sponge knowledge
  • 2. Spring 
  • 3. People’s guy 
  • 4. Be Successful
  • 5. Knowledge

Siam Ahmed, Actor

When approached, found me unfit as we disclosed all in interviews. 

  1. Never give up
  2. Explore but never take negative parts from social media
  3. Focus (as I reverted me in London and secured 89.50% marks best in 40 years)
  4. You can not satisfy all (one of my course teachers still marked me 61% as he was enemy to gents, my family demeaned me as taking acting as a career after studies, going to be a first-class citizen)
  5. Make sure that you are happy first before making family and others happy

Rubaba Dowla, Country Managing Director, Oracle Bangladesh

Rubaba thanks the organizers and the vibrant audience. She explains why her journey, corporate life, and struggles are not getting priority as they are available online from previous sessions. She instead shares 10 Rules of being the best version of yourself with the practical orientation from her personal and corporate life.

  1. Rule#1 Love yourself
  2. Rule#2 Love what you do
  3. Rule#3 Do not compromise (Especially for women)
  4. Rule#4 Create your own path
  5. Rule#5 Embrace failure
  6. Rule#6 Be a lifelong learner(Every day I ask what new I learned)
  7. Rule#7 Give wings to your dreams
  8. Rule#8 Be bold(confidence, fearless-limitless, be brave when you need to say yes or no, raise your voice to be heard for you and who do not raise voice)
  9. Rule#9 Surround yourself with positive people
  10. Rule#10 Do not forget your roots

Nasrul Hamid, State Minister of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources

The keynote speaker presented some practical and futuristic aspects that showcase how Bangladesh advanced and how young people are prioritized. He focuses on three topics:

  1. Why you should bet on Bangladesh
  2. The government listens to the youth
  3. Lessons for the future

One of the biggest ministries where the prime minister is the minister, ADB budget around BDT 30,000 crore, investment portfolio around $24 billion, 26 institutions, all big investments. It is no. 1 in ADB, APR with a fantastic team. The ministry moves with the political mandate from the prime minister to ensure 100% electricity by 2021.

Digital Bangladesh and 100% electricity by 2021, Developing by 2026, Upper middle income by 2031, Developed by 2041, Delta plan for 2100.

Bangladesh is the rarest country with the provision for electricity in the constitution, 100% electricity declaration, 100 years plan.

The visionary father of the nation bought 4 gas fields for $4 million in 1975 on 9th August. Politicians rule the country as they foresee, he risked and we still benefit.

  1. A Detailed Masterplan in 2010 and revision every 5 years for electricity
  2. Tremendous development in gender equality
  3. Electricity supply uninterrupted
  4. Financial inclusion
  5. Freelancer growth
  6. Rooppur 13b
  7. Rampal 5b
  8. Moheshkhali LNG
  9. Matarbari powerplant 7b
  10. Padma Bridge 3.6b
  11. Express train
  12. Karnaphuli Tunnel
  13. Elevated expressways
  14. 100 EPZs

Most of the big projects are going to be visible in the next 5 years. Remote southern sides are getting in touch.

Many projects are being ready before the scheduled time and saving funds.

March 21, 2022, is a milestone as 100% electrification declaration by prime minister Sheikh Hasina in a physical presence for any such occasion since corona lockdown.

The government listens to the youth

  1. Mobile phone adoption
  2. 150 public and private universities
  3. Freelancer ID cards to more than 5 lacs
  4. Startup program through BHTPA
  5. 5G network
  6. National fibre backbone

The 5 skills for a future career include:

  1. Design thingking/ Structured thinking
  2. Strategic Research and research methodology
  3. S-T-E-M Education
  4. Business communication
  5. Financial management and scaleup

Golam Murshed, MD and CEO, Walton Hi-tech Industries

Golam Murshed had the opportunity to make fun as the audience decreased. Expressed his urge for missing the crowd and the sessions of all the speakers. However, he felt good with the organic audience and requested honorarium raise for the guests.

Then, shared the case study with Joshua Bell by the Washington Post. There Bell earned only 30-40 Dollars with his violin show without notice on a subway. People hardly knew and listened to him. The reasons

  1. Behavior: Home goers are not so much interested.
  2. Beauty
  3. Judgment: People were did not feel interested
  4. Perception: People were not aware that he was Bell

Then comes the realistic experiences he shares:

  • Motivation does not work if you do not change your thought process
  • People comment/throw many unnecessary issues
  • A blend of both aged and young people are important for organizational advancement
  • Dream with young but utilize the experienced officials ( Relay race needs both past and next runners)
  • Age of our dreams is around 60 years and they change constantly with the contexts
  • We are running for the 30 years with the relay sticks as the responsibilities to give someone who will then run.
  • Responsibilities come automatically and we must deal with. As the birth place, parents can not be avoided, so the responsibilities. Love yourself and your responsibilities to organization, family, society, country
  • We may talk some from our experiences, not motivational speech
  • We usually forget the country branding (though leader, money, position thought as successful)
  • Do not follow someone blindly, take some applicable lessons
  • No thumb rules for life as it varies from person to person.
  • Love what you do and do what you love
  • When you feel best at your status quo, you are living dead as it hiders from creating, risking ang going out of comfort zones.
  • An early riser from the childhood to manage schools and coachings.
  • Never miss the breakfast
  • All of you are unique and capable of growing
  • Unicorn may come next year to boost startups

Shares the story of learning speaking with Ayman Sadiq and fake pupils and claps.

33 Practical success secrets revealed

Here is the list of 33 Practical success secrets the legendary speakers revealed in their speeches. These are very easy-to-follow tips and tricks they shared from their long experience.

  1. Success stories is rejection stories, embrace failure, be a spring to come back after failure, rejections and stumbles, take risks
  2. Be persistent and consistent
  3. Be a sponge to absorb knowledge, improve you constantly, learn from juniors with respect, adaptability and understanding matter heavily
  4. Select the proper association with the value-adding ecosystem, network, friends, mentors. Surround yourself with positive people
  5. Stop making wrong comparisons (Do not disappoint with social media Success, glamor, criticism, explore but never take negative parts from social media)
  6. Magic happens outside the comfort zones. Think and do things out of the box.
  7. Success is our duty, responsibility; no way to avoid it
  8. Honesty and Transparency: Leaders’ sustainable growth must require honesty, ethics, and transparency.
  9. Empathy for people (Don’t put a devil shadow with a starship attitude, be a people’s guy, be humble enough) 
  10. Painstakingly hard work 
  11. As a content creator, take benefits of the User-generated content-UGC and Content multiplication
  12. Branding you and your organizations matters a lot
  13. Focus but do not forget to experiment everything (writing, video, radio, singing, choose many and find what works)
  14. Monetize your time , be what your passion leads. 
  15. Love and understand you ( benefits from interviews, reality shows) 
  16. Disruptive marketing strategies may make you hero quickly
  17. Teamwork matters(productive and motivated) 
  18. Works in pleasure and in bad times thank Allah as a believer
  19. Believe in you and Don’t waste time with the shedding of tears, be strong-minded, you must need courage and family support
  20. No dream dies for money
  21. Rise Above All biases, think all-inclusive, be not only engaging but also meaningful and impactful
  22. Cut the competition, reduce the queue by differentiated products and services
  23. Never give up
  24. You can not satisfy all
  25. Do not compromise (Especially for women)
  26. Create your own path
  27. Give wings to your dreams, dream big that keeps you moving
  28. Be bold(confidence, fearless-limitless, be brave when you need to say yes or no, raise your voice to be heard for you and who do not raise voice)Surround yourself with positive people
  29. Politicians rules the country as they can foresee and take risks
  30. You should bet on Bangladesh, the future of Bangladesh is full of potentials
  31. The government listens to the youth
  32. Responsibilities come automatically and we must deal with. As the birth place, parents can not be avoided, so the responsibilities. Love yourself and your responsibilities to organization, family, society, country
  33. A blend of both aged and young people are important for organizational advancement, age has wisdom, sit whenever any aged/sick come

Rise above all 2022 success

Managing the speakers

Managing so many leading speakers from versatile industries is really a matter of great success, Don managed it rightly. However, the success stories are rejection stories as he discussed that the speaker management made him suffer a lot.

Managing the sponsors

As Bangladesh is not a place to spend money on mentorship, getting funds for the program was not a matter of joke. The sponsors showed their trust in Don and sponsored the largest learning event in Bangladesh.

Managing the partners

Arranging a successful program with more than 2,000 audiences is never so easy, it takes efforts from various parties. Partnering with the relevant stakeholders is very vital and managed well.

Managing the audience

A houseful audience looks and feels good but the hectic and creative steps behind the scene matter a lot. Managing such a big audience requires the marketing expertise of the hosts.

So big dreams

The vibrant young audience with whole-hearted shout proved that they found their dreams with the motivational leaders. Many of the going to be entrepreneurs were happy to see and interact with the business leaders with tremendous success.

Rise above all 2022 challenges

The learning event was a huge success in almost all aspects. However, it suffered from many challenges that could easily be avoided with a good event management strategy. These are not the blames to the hosts, the issues are raised to help them excel in those areas later on. The areas to develop include:

Time management

The program was expected to start at 10.00 am but started around an hour late. Similarly, it ended around 2 hours at 9.30 pm.

No instruction

The audience suffered from the lack of detailed instructions. It created a haphazard situation.

Ticket Management

Ticket management was a mess, especially for the online ticket collectors. They did not get any physical ticket though they had to queue for registration. Registration for them was repeated as all the data were available online and the hosts could collect the details with some clicks.

Goody bags distribution

Goody bags could not reach each participant ( online ticket collectors were more prone to miss). As it was a paid session with advance tickets, it was not expected to fall short of the goody bags.

Microphone management

As an open question-answer session, microphones were very critical to reach all areas properly but their availability suffered a lot.

Too uncomfortable

The Thai massage and chopping therapy may be too much uncomfortable for the audience with opposite gender counterparts. Many of the participants avoided the steps and that led to later avoidance of instructions from the organizers.

Wrap up

The 6th episode of the Rise Above All 2022 was a milestone and largest motivational learning and speaking session in Bangladesh. Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy arranged such a unique event to bridge the industry leaders and newbies. The expert opinions, candid experience, practical tips, industry best practices, and many more value-adding aspects got revealed to ease the way ahead. The program was a great success with enormous motivation and lots of dreams for the audience. Waiting for the next episode of the rise above all (rise with all).

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