Rubaba Dowla Biography | Secrets of successful and Iconic leadership

Rubab Dowla Matin is a name with a perfect combination of personality, talent, and beauty. She is a Bangladeshi successful woman entrepreneur and corporate icon who brings digital transformations to the business world.

Rubab has gained every bit of honor, recognition, renown, and reputation correlated with her. But, how? Is her journey of being an entrepreneur smooth or full of hardship? 

Rubaba Dowla Biography

This article will explore all her education, profession, the challenges of an entrepreneur’s life, net worth, and so many things. So let’s deep dive into the biography of Rubaba Dowla. 

The Early Life of Rubaba Dowla

Rubab Dowla doesn’t like to publicize her personal life; that’s why we don’t like to disclose her birth date and place too. The dynamic corporate queen Rubaba Dowla is one of the high-profile and most successful names in the Bangladesh telecom sector.

Educational Background of Rubaba Dowla

As she is a business-oriented person, her educational background is full of business studies subjects. She obtained her BBA and MBA in Marketing from Dhaka University in 1992-1996. After that, she joined an Executive Management program at Stockholm School of Economics in 2002.

There she gathered knowledge about economics and its good and bad effects on a country’s total GDP. But, she wasn’t satisfied with her education because she felt she should know something extraordinarily to think out of the box. That’s why after 5 years in 2007, she also pursued a Strategic Marketing Program at London Business School. There she found she had many scopes to flourish her talent. 

The knowledge she gathered from London Business School, she started to implement in her working sector. Then, in 2012, she got a chance to join the Strategy and Action Program (SIA) at Harvard Business School. 

Working Experience

Rubab Dowla is an example of solid working experience in brand management, corporate communications, product innovations, and service delivery. So let’s have a look at her glorious professional life.

  • Grameenphone Ltd

After passing out from Dhaka University, she first joined Grameen phone as an officer of product development and planning. There she worked hard, so within a few years she got a promotion and took the responsibilities of the marketing department. There she gave her service from 1998 to 2009. Before leaving Grameen phone, she also performed as the head of the brands and customer service division.

At that time, the Grameen phone became the number one telecom brand and market leader in Bangladesh because of Rubaba Dowla’s foresightedness, excellent leading, and profitable decisions. 

  • Airtel Bangladesh

Airtel is another multinational telecom brand. When it noticed Grameen phone’s success under Rubaba Dowla’s leadership, it offered her to join as a chief service officer and head of mCommerce. As a talented lady, Rubaba Dowla grabbed the opportunity and started her new job in 2010. She combined all her knowledge, working experience, and intelligence to grow Airtel as a famous brand. In the meantime, she also worked as the President of the Bangladesh Badminton Federation.

  • Rubaba Dowla as the President of TiE 

TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) was built in 1992 by combining mentoring, education, incubating, networking, and funding. And it is a non-profit organization. Dowla worked there as the President of TiE and tried to foster young entrepreneurs to build a strong network with existing entrepreneurs.

  • Founding Pulse healthcare services

She wanted to work for the healthcare sector for many years as she believes that healthcare is one of the essential areas to serve the country’s people.

When mobile penetration has become widespread, it becomes very convenient to design a digital healthcare platform to deliver healthcare services in rural areas. After thinking this, she founded Pulse healthcare services.

But, why does its name pulse healthcare service? 

The math behind this name is elementary. You know, when you go to the doctor’s chamber for any sickness, first doctors check your heartbeat by counting your pulse and then primarily try to define the reason for your sickness. 

That’s why Rubaba Dowla took her health care organization name pulse healthcare services. She designed the structure of this telemedicine service to avoid a crowded hospital and the long queue of patience. 

That means if you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can take specialist physicians’ advice through video conferencing. It makes taking health services more accessible, faster, and smarter. So no more regional and time boundaries to get the best health service from the best doctors. 

  • Rubaba Dowla as the Country Manager And Director of Oracle

Right now, she has been working as a  country managing director for Oracle in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan since 2019. It is a cloud-based software company that offers computing infrastructural help to many businesses to unlock their efficiency and effectiveness. Oracle is trying to boost cloud adoption across industries.

Oracle selected Mrs. Rubaba as a country manager and detector because of her seventeen years of successful working experience in the telecommunications sector. Here she worked to encourage people to grow and learn how to solve any problem with digital skills. 

  • Rubaba Dowla as the Independent And Director of DSE

The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has approved the inclusion of four independent directors in the new board of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Rubaba Dowla is one of them.

They were chosen on the basis of their expertise, experience, and integrity, and will serve as independent voices on the board, said the BSEC in its official letter sent to the managing director of the Dhaka bourse. Earlier, the DSE had sent a list of some 18 people to the regulator for the post of independent directors of the bourse.

Specialties of Rubaba Dowla

Rubab Dowla is a famous and established telecom personality in this industry. She is a highly professional and experienced leader. She has been working hard to build Grameenphone as a premier brand.

The areas of her specialties are

  • Management of Marketing and Commercial operations 
  • Business and Marketing Strategy development and implementation
  • Brand, communication strategy management, and development
  • Management of customer experience, Corporate Affairs, CSR, CRM

Significant Accomplishments

Rubab Dowla established Grameenphone as the number one Brand in Bangladesh. It has also been recognized by Informa Telecom Report 2008 as top 100 telecom brands in the world.

Rubaba successfully managed 300% subscriber growth over 2.5 yrs with more than 65% market share. She introduced many innovative services in Bangladesh. Some of her innovations are utility bill pay, WAP portal, banking transaction details through SMS, WAP portal, juice lifestyle product for the youth segment, etc.

Some Quotes

Here we like to share some of her best quotes. She found those words work like magic behind success. 

  • “If you work toward gender equality, then that takes care of empowerment, discrimination against women, violence against women, and all of the other related issues.” 
  • “Demanding equal opportunity for everyone and equal rights for everyone, I believe is the right area to focus on.”
  • “I think that is not just something you choose; you have to focus on equality because that is extremely important, if not most important.”

Additional Honors and Awards of Rubaba Dowla

She has received many recognitions for her bold performance in the telecommunication sector. She leads the industry from the upfront. Here are some of her awards and recognitions

  • Rubab has Enlisted in Who’s 100 women leaders in Bangladesh. 
  • She became Top 50 Women in mobile content.
  • Mobile Entertainment Forum listed her in the top 5 most powerful women in mobile in Asia.
  • She got the Begum Rokeya Shining personality award in 2006.
  • Not only that, but some of her successful product innovations also gained World GSMA awards and acclamations.

Success Tips to the Youth from Rubaba Dowla

This soft-spoken lady shares her success tips with the youth to become successful in their life.

  • She suggested the youths have common sense and have strong faith in their guts. They need to develop their skills such as Excel, PowerPoint, and other essential IT skills.
  • Never confine yourself to the Bangladeshi context for expanding your knowledge level; go global.
  • Not only your skills but also your attitude helps you to bring success in your life.
  • Balance your professional and personal life to have a successful career. 

Glamor Life of Rubaba Dowla

The charismatic lady, Rubaba Dowla, is an internet sensation. That’s why don’t you think all the time she deep dive into her corporate works and is a down-to-earth lady. Besides her corporate life, she also has a glamorous and personal life. In her family life, Rubaba Dowla is happily married and blessed with a son.

She has extensive interests in music. In her free time, she loves to sing. So that in 2008, she sang two songs in a mixed album featuring Taposh named “Jabi Jodi Chol Chol.” Her two songs titles are “Smriti Gulo Khone Khone” and “Rateri Nirobota.”

Net Worth of Rubaba Dowla Matin

She is a successful corporate lady and entrepreneur, making a handsome amount every year from her job. As a  country managing director for Oracle in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan she earns a very handsome amount. Besides it, she also gets profit from her business, Pulse healthcare services. There is hardly any dependable data about her income. So now you are to speculate how much her net worth can be. 

Final Words

Rubaba Dowla is a role model among the young generation, and she is the perfect example of women’s empowerment. Not only in the corporate industry but also she puts her footstep in many sectors and becomes a strong woman. So we can say – she is an excellent asset to Bangladesh. Find one of the well-known businesswomen in Bangladesh.

But, yes, she doesn’t get all those successes in a day like magic. She dreamt and worked to fulfill her dream. If you can hang with your dream, one day you can also reach it. So today is the day to take your baby steps towards your goal.  

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