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Women empowerment is booming in this twenty-first century. Many women start their businesses to be self-employed and create employment opportunities for others. Here, Rubana Huq is one of the successful businesswomen and keeps a significant impact on the concept of the business arena in Bangladesh. We are going to explore all about Rubana Huq biography and how she succeeded as a great female leader of the apex body of the garment industry.

She is a well-known figure in Bangladesh because of her intellectual knowledge in business, entrepreneurship, and poetry. She is the wife of late Mayor Anisul Haq. 

She has been performing the Managing Director role of Mohammadi Group, one of the country’s largest conglomerates, for several years. Not only that, she was the first female elected as the president of (BGMEA) Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

If you are a real fan of Rubana Huq and want to know her biography from birth to today, then stick to us. This article describes all her personal life, marriage, children, professional life, and net worth. Let’s get started.

Rubana Huq Biography

Rubana Huq was born in Dhaka on 9th February 1964. That means she was born before the birth of Bangladesh and witnessed our liberation war.

She was a student of the famous Viqarunnisa Noon School, and from there, she has completed her schooling. Then she was admitted into Holy Cross College to receive her higher secondary certificate. 

She was also a student of Dhaka University but couldn’t continue her studies there because of politics. But, she was not satisfied with her education, and there was a thirst for education. This is why, after a long gap, she was admitted to the East-West University, and in 2008 she received her bachelor’s degree in English. 

She wanted to take the highest educational degree. So in 2018, at the age of 54, she took her Ph.D. degree from Jadavpur University.

So now you can realize there is no age limit to take education. You can be a student at any age if you are hungry for education. 

The career of Rubana Huq

She started her career by television presenting. There she learned many aspects of television media. After that, she worked as the CEO of one of the Kolkata-based television channels, Southasia, from 2006 to 2010.

She was the managing director of Mohammadi Group from 1995-2017. It was her family business, and its main work was dealing with ready-made garments. First, she diversified the business operation into digital distribution, software, power generation, real estate, etc. Besides handling this company, she launched the Nagorik television channel. 

In her colorful career, another new chapter opened in 2019. She was the first female who was elected as the president of BGMEA. She is now working there to develop Bangladesh‘s ready-made garment sector and its million workers’ well-being. 

Rubana Huq as a Vice- Chancellor

She was a proud women member of Asian University’s trustee board, and there she honestly performed her responsibilities. She became the chair of the trustee.

The government has recently selected her as the Vice Chancellor of AUW. Her tenure starts on February 15, 2022.

Rubana Huq as a writer

She loves to read poems and other books. And there is a poetic mind in her. So she wrote a poetry book named Time of My Life. In her book, she tried to write poems according to her life journey, how she defines her life and many other things. 

Personal life of Rubana Huq

Now she is a widow. In London’s Wellington Hospital, her husband, Dhaka North mayor, Mr. Annisul Huq, died on 30th November, 2017. Before that, she was happily married to her husband though it was both of their second marriages. Navidul huq, Wamik, Tanisha, and Sharaf are the names of her four children. Now she has two grandchildren. 


Undoubtedly, she is a multi-talented lady and also very intelligent. As a result, she received awards from some organizations, which motivated her to take her next steps. 

● In 2006 she received the SAARC Literary Award because of her book.

● In 2013 and 2014, she was also featured for the BBC 100 Women because of her contribution to Bangladeshi business. 

● She won the DHL-Daily Star Bangladesh Business Award under the “Outstanding Business Women of The Year.”

Net worth

As she is involved with many works, she can make a good amount from her business. In 2020 and 2021, her net worth significantly enriched, and now her net worth is a few million dollars.

Unknown facts of Rubana Huq

She is a beautiful woman, and her height is 5.6 feet which are more than the average Bangladeshi woman’s height. So we can say she is a tall lady. As to weight, she is 64 kg. Her eyes and hair color are black. Rubana Huq & Navidul Huq is the first ever mother and son duo elected as Directors in BGMEA. And she is also famous for her great speeches. Sometimes her speech/lecture became viral through social media. 


Rubana Huq is the name of the glory of Bangladesh. She became successful because of her hard work, merit, and making the right decision at the right time. She can even understand the psychology of people so that she can lead one of the most prominent organizations in Bangladesh without any rumor. 

But, she couldn’t reach this position within a day. Her every baby step brings her here. If you want to be like her, start with baby steps without delaying any more.

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