PGDCM Graduates awarded certificates | All about BICM you need to know

Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) is a leading think tank working in capital market research, education, and policy advocacy. It is the first and only institution in Bangladesh that focuses exclusively on capital market issues. The institute offers diploma, certificate, and executive training programs in capital market subjects. It has also conducted numerous research studies on various aspects of the capital market. It is an affiliated institution under the University of Dhaka.

Certificate Award Ceremony 2022

The Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) awards certificates to its 89 Postgraduate Diploma in Capital Market Program (PGDCM) Graduates from its 6th to 17th evening and a few day batches. On March 5, 2022, it was a great program at the BICM the multipurpose hall room in Dhaka. The article will lead you to all about BICM with the programs and courses it offers for the sustainable development of the capital market and the economy of Bangladesh.

All the officials and faculty members of BICM were present there, along with its Executive President, Professor Dr. Mahmuda Akter as the hosts.

The guests and resource persons

Chief Guest: Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Salim Uddin, Secretary, FID, MoF

Special Guests:

  1. Professor Dr. Muhammad Abdul Moyeen, Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, and Director, BICM
  2. Professor Dr. Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, Commissioner BSEC and Director, BICM

Event Chair: Professor Dr. A.S.M. Maksud Kamal, Pro-VC(Academic), University of Dhaka

Other guests

  1. Dr. Osman Imam, Professor, Department of Finance, University of Dhaka
  2. Mr. Kamaluzzaman, former Commissioner, BSEC
  3. Md. Saifur Rahman, Executive Director, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), was also present.

Md. Saifur Rahman is an Adjunct/Part-time faculty member and a very favorite personality to students for his practical orientations to capital market-related rules and regulations.

With the live anchoring of Assistant Professor Md Habibullah, ACCA, and active participation of the students, it was a program that will be evergreen in participants’ memory.

The Certificate Award Ceremony was followed by dinner at the institute.

Issues addressed by the guests

Executive President Professor Dr. Mahmuda Akter presents all the developmental and proactive efforts BICM has been taking over the years to uphold the capital market in Bangladesh. 

Professor Dr. Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, Commissioner BSEC and Director, BICM, addresses the following aspects:

  1. PGDCM is the core and flagship program by BICM
  2. Gain knowledge before investing in stock market
  3. Special programs ensure employment with specific skills.
  4. Mid and Higher managerial support possible with specialized knowledge
  5. BICM to focus more on practical aspects
  6. There are fewer resource persons to present informative dialogues on war, inflation, and SWIFT communications.
  7. Proper knowledge drives away rumors.
  8. BICM to focus on learning/uses of tech in the capital market(T+1, blockchain)
  9. BSEC is always cooperative with BICM
  10. Facilitating the financially poor students get intellectually rich.

Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Salim Uddin, Secretary, FID, MoF addresses the following aspects:

  1. Seasonal beauties and the pacing of people with natural changes
  2. Money keeps people unstable
  3. Capital market is like a flying bird or running horse.
  4. Graduates are to dedicate themselves to the sector.
  5. Graduates will play vital roles for the roads to SDG, Developed nation.
  6. Demographic dividends of Bangladesh to harvest with skills and dedications.

Professor Dr. A.S.M. Maksud Kamal, Pro-VC(Academic), University of Dhaka addresses the following aspects:

  1. Declares graduation
  2. Congrats on hard-earned certificates
  3. Emphasizes using knowledge for making a difference
  4. Knowledge is for value addition
  5. Learning adds value only when applies practically for personal, social, national, or even international great causes.
  6. Hails the roles of BICM in research, analytics, and capacity building
  7. High salaried managers come from local people
  8. Warns of avoiding the demographic trap of Srilanka by acquiring and applying knowledge
  9. Sustainable development bases on training, knowledge, and capacity

The program got coverage in various print media and channels including the Business Standard, The Daily Star, . Capital market-related resource persons, regulators, academicians, and media personalities attended the program to give it a great vibe.

Two graduates shared their experiences and expectations during the course and after completion. They lauded the impacts BICM has on them. Their career paths have been reported to be smoother than earlier.

Wajid Hasan Shah, Director (Studies), BICM presented a vote of thanks to conclude the program.

All about BICM

BICM is Bangladesh’s first and only fully-fledged capital market institute. It is the institution for spreading education imparting training on the capital market. It was established on July 24, 2008. The Government of Bangladesh fully funds the institute. The Government approved the organogram of the IInstitutein 2010 and the compensation structure for the IInstitutein 2013. The policy direction of the IInstituteis given by a Board of Directors chaired by the Chairman, BSEC, and members are representing stakeholders, like Academicians, Exchanges, market intermediaries, and professional bodies. BICM offers diplomas, certificates, and executive courses in capital market subjects to develop skilled human resources for the country’s capital market. The institute also researches versatile branches of the capital market.

BICM is the first and only Institute in Bangladesh that provides capital market education. It offers Certificate, Diploma, and Advance Diploma courses in Capital Market. In addition, BICM also provides training on various aspects of the capital market for the employees of different organizations.

The main objectives of BICM are to promote institutional development and build human resources in the capital market. 

The institute offers many courses, including a six-month diploma course, covering all aspects of the capital market. It also conducts short-term courses on specific topics, such as initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, and derivatives. In addition, BICM publishes a quarterly magazine, “Capital Market Review,” which contains articles on current issues and developments in the capital market. 

The institute has a well-equipped library that contains a wide range of books, journals, and magazines on the capital market.

The courses are designed to provide participants with the skills required to work in these industries. In addition, the institute also conducts research on various aspects of the capital market.

The BICM has several advantages over other institutes:

  1. It is the only institute that offers diploma courses in the capital market. It gives participants a competitive advantage when seeking jobs in these industries.
  2. The institute researches various aspects of the capital market, which helps improve the market’s functioning.
  3. The institute has a well-equipped lab for faculties and participants to practice their skills.
  4. A library with versatile books is an excellent source of study and research.

Some aspects of BICM

BICM is a research and training institute for the capital market in Bangladesh. The institute offers training programs for securities professionals, research capital market issues, and provides technical assistance to Bangladesh’s Securities and Exchange Commission. The University of Dhaka accredits the iInstitute’sMaster’s program. The BICM has been instrumental in developing the capital market in Bangladesh and helping it grow into one of the most vibrant markets in South Asia.

Certification courses

Postgraduate Diploma in Capital Market Program (PGDM)

BICM offers its flagship diploma named Postgraduate Diploma in Capital Market (PGDCM) for market intermediaries, professionals, and graduates pursuing a career in the capital market. The program blends theory and practice on the capital market, instruments, techniques, and regulations. The program consists of 8 courses of 24 credit hours, in 9 months costing BDT 33,000. The program was a 1-year, 13 courses including internship and 36 credits costing BDT 47,000. Till now, 17 batches of this flagship Program have started.


MASTER OF APPLIED FINANCE AND CAPITAL MARKET (MAFCM) is a 2-year, 51 credits program that provides an in-depth understanding of financial markets. The program offers a unique blend of courses in finance, accounting, and economics which prepares students for careers in the financial industry. BICM offers the program in affiliation with the University of Dhaka.

The MAFCM is a comprehensive and rigorous program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in finance, the stock market, and related sectors. The program covers various topics, including financial analysis, investment banking, portfolio management, and risk management. Students also gain practical experience through hands-on training in financial markets. The MAFCM is designed for students who want to pursue a finance or capital markets career.
It is the first of its kind and only Master’s Program on Applied Finance and Capital Market in Bangladesh.


MAFCM program, students are expected to: 

  1. evaluate the use of relevant concepts in making financial decisions
  2. process financial information and problems 
  3. comply legal aspects in the capital market of Bangladesh 
  4. mastering ethical aspects
  5. understand new products and techniques 
  6. know financial services with the latest innovations 
  7. utilize Fintech applications
  8. ascertain valuations
  9. explain the role of different actors in sustainable finance and capital market

Certificate Courses for Professionals

BICM offers certificate courses on various aspects of capital markets designed for professionals, regulators, market intermediaries, and sector stakeholders. The courses cater to individuals with different levels of knowledge, from basics to advanced. Some of the areas covered in the courses include securities laws, capital raising and investment in the primary market, fixed income securities, mutual funds, financial statements analysis, understanding IAS and IFRS, corporate governance, insider trading, fraud and market manipulation, examination of the prospectus, and financial econometrics.

Investor Education Program

BICM conducts a regular investment literacy program free of cost for investors on the basics of the capital market investment. Recently, the BICM has started to offer the program online, which allows learners and trainers to communicate in real-time and interactively from various geographical locations.

Customized Programs

BICM also arranges a range of customized certificate programs for officials of BSEC, FID, BMDF, and many more. In addition, the institute has also offered programs for different stakeholders, e.g., journalists, women entrepreneurs, and university students.

Workshops and Seminars

The institute offers workshops and seminars as part of its Continuous Professional Development Program. These workshops and seminars cover contemporary developments in the capital market, regulatory issues, product structures, and more. Additionally, the institute offers seminars on investor protection, good governance, and other sustainable economic and capital market development topics.

Exposure Visits

The institute arranges exposure visit programs to international stock exchanges so that students can exchange knowledge, learn about advanced products, and observe operational mechanisms.

Infrastructural Facilities

The institute offers training, research, workshop, an enriched library, a multipurpose hall, classrooms, and lab facilities.

Inter-University Capital Market Case Competition

BICM has arranged Invest Maestros for the different public and private universities participating in this competition to disseminate capital market knowledge among University students.



Delegates of ACCA Bangladesh visit BICM for potential collaboration like joint training, certifications for the CPD of ACCA members, and other finance & accounting professionals.


ICAB President Mahmudul Hasan Khusru FCA, and Prof. Dr. Mahmuda Akter, Executive President, BICM, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on December 23, 2021) at the Council Hall of CA Bhaban in Dhaka.

The objective of the MoU include:

  • Conducting research
  • Organizing webinars, seminars, training programs, workshops jointly
  • Collaboration for accounting, financial reporting, and auditing
  • Providing professional training in accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate governance, financial market, corporate laws, and relevant subjects.

Why to choose BICM

BICM) is the first and only institute in Bangladesh that offers specialized education on the capital market. BICM has been imparting theoretical and practical knowledge on the capital market since its inception.

Affordable Fees: The cost of studying at the institute is cheaper than other higher education institutions in the country. The fees are designed to be affordable for students from all backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to learn about and participate in the capital markets. Additionally, the institute offers scholarships and financial aid to help students.

Exceptional Faculty: The Exceptional Faculty in Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market comprises experienced professionals who have worked in the capital market for many years. They are incredibly knowledgeable in their field and provide valuable insights to students. Furthermore, they are always willing to help students with their studies and career planning. The faculty at the institute is truly exceptional and sets a high standard for teaching and learning.

Diverse Course Offerings: Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) offers a diverse range of courses to cater to the students’ needs. The courses are designed in a way that can help the students to understand the capital market and its functioning. The curriculum keeps pace with the current trend in the capital market. Moreover, different workshops and seminars are also arranged by BICM to provide more practical knowledge about the capital market.

A welcoming and diverse Network: The Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) provides graduates with a solid professional and social support system. The network includes current and former students and faculty, and staff. It offers opportunities for career development, networking, and socializing. In addition, the BICM alumni network is a valuable resource for graduates seeking to build their careers in capital markets.

Excellent career prospects: The institute provides students with a strong foundation in financial concepts and practices, which helps them pursue careers in finance and other related fields.

Modern facilities and equipment: The modern facilities and equipment in the Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market are unparalleled in their ability to facilitate the education and training of individuals seeking to work in the capital markets. From state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs to a library stocked with the latest research materials and financial databases, the institute provides everything its students need to gain an edge in this rapidly growing sector of the global economy.

The institute offers world-class education and training in this field. In addition, it has a well-developed research infrastructure that helps students stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the capital market. Moreover, the institute provides ample opportunities for students to gain practical experience through internship and job placement programs.

The students of BICM get an opportunity to undergo internships in different reputable organizations operating in the capital market.

Wrap up

The Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market is a valuable resource for anyone looking to invest in the Bangladeshi capital market. The institute provides comprehensive education and research on all aspects of the market, making it ideal for investors to learn about the opportunities and risks involved in investing in Bangladesh. Moreover, the BICM can be a valuable ally for investors looking to capitalize on the growing Bangladeshi economy with its well-trained staff and extensive resources.

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