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Ayman Sadiq is a young educational entrepreneur who opened the new door of education. He likes to say “teacher, trainer, and speaker” these magical three words to describe himself. 

When every student fears studying and always tries to run away from books, Ayman Sadiq shows how to teach with fun. Even this learning is more effective than the traditional education system.

In mid-2014, Ayman Sadiq established an excellent, affordable, and accessible online educational platform named 10-minute school. There he doesn’t only teach academic education. Besides, Ayman teaches self-education, money management education, basic computer education, presentation skills, etc. He tries to cover all the core things of self-education and prepare the students for the job market. 

But, the beginning of his entrepreneurship wasn’t as smooth as you see now. Here, we’ll disclose all Ayman Sadiq’s personal, entrepreneur, and unknown facts. 

If you are a fan and willing to know Ayman Sadiq’s biography, then stick to us. Let’s get started.

Ayman Sadiq childhood

On 2nd September 1992, Ayman Sadiq was born in the Comilla district of Bangladesh. His father is Abu Taiyeb, an Army Brigadier General, and his mother, Sharmeen Akter, is a housewife. Ayman Sadiq’s are two siblings. 

He has a younger brother named Sadman Sadik. Sadman is also a familiar figure of Facebook and YouTube because of creating educational videos. Ayman Sadiq spent his childhood in Comilla and took his primary and secondary education from Comilla’s local school. 

Educational background of Ayman Sadiq

He studied science in his school life as he wanted to be an engineer or doctor. In 2010, he came to Dhaka and was admitted into Adamjee Cantonment College for HSC. From this institute, in 2012, he passed HSC with a brilliant result. 

After that, he was admitted to the faculty of IBA of Dhaka University. He completed BBA and MBA from there in 2012-2016. 

But, at the beginning of his university life was horrible because earlier, he was a science student and turned into a business admission student. As a result, he couldn’t understand what the lecturer lectured in the classroom. All the lectures went over his head and mind. 

At that time, the internet was accessible in Bangladesh, and YouTube was slightly famous, so he searched there about his course’s lecture. But, he was disappointed and didn’t find any suitable lessons there, especially in Bangla. 

He found some tutorials on accounting and other business administration-related courses, but those were in English. He found the lectures very helpful, and the video lecturers taught him accounting effortlessly. So, at last, he could complete the courses by watching the tutorials from YouTube. 

Ayman Sadiq’s career

Ayman Sadiq was a very bright student from his childhood. So when he was a student of Dhaka University, many students came to him and requested to teach them. Mainly it was happening at the time of the university admission session. The students wanted to know the tricks and tips of how to make excellent preparation for university admission when they had limited time at hand. 

Starting of Ayman Sadiq’s career as a tutor

First, he started to teach a student for university admission tests. Fortunately, the student got the chance. And the students referred another student the following year. Thus he became famous as a tutor and taught many students who got success. Then he thought, why not teach in an admission-based coaching center that helps me teach many students. So he started to teach at a renowned admission coaching center at Farmgate in Dhaka. 

Behind the story of creating 10-minute school and debut as an entrepreneur

All the things went very smoothly and well while Ayman Sadiq taught at the coaching center. But one day, a student came to the coaching center to take admission. Ayman Sadiq saw the student’s request to reduce the admission fee because he came from a village and didn’t have much money. If he spent all the takas for admission purposes, he didn’t have money for food, transportation cost, mess (where many students live in a small room), rent, etc. 

By seeing this, Ayman thought about how he can help him. Even he is not alone; every year, an enormous number of students suffer this crisis. Sometimes, it happens that they live on the road and eat unhealthy food for lack of money. 

But, if we can reach them in the village and ensure quality education, they don’t need to come to Dhaka. If we can, then we will benefit from both sides. Such as we can reduce the over-human load from small Dhaka city, and the poor students get quality education from their home, which will be excellent. 

When he was thinking about all of these, an idea peeps into his mind. He thought, what if he starts to teach online and makes tutorials on different topics of the admission test. When he was a student, he benefited from foreign tutorials. But, as most Bangladeshi students are poor in English, they can’t get their lectures. 

Then he thought about what his platform’s name would be. One day he wanted to discuss it with one of his friends. The friend said, “Ayman, wait 10 minutes; I am coming.” By hearing these words, he finalized his platform’s name. He kept his school’s name 10 minute school. Primarily he made infographics and reached the students to provide better education. 

Once, he made a short video on the geometry of math named “One Formula to Rule them All,” but a renowned company refused to publish it. Then he decided to open a YouTube channel and post the video there. Overnight the video got viral because every student liked it. In this way, the journey of 10-minute school started. This school is an unprofitable business. 

Received Telecommunication operator Robi’s sponsorship and collaboration with the ICT Division of Bangladesh

Ayman was doing well with his 10-minute school project. But, he couldn’t manage the fund to create sufficient better and updated content. Then in 2017 ICT division of Bangladesh and Robi Telecommunication collaborated with Ayman Sadiq’s 10-minute school.

Robi sponsored all the costs of making tutorial videos, and ICT minister Jayant Ahmed Palak provided a well-furnished office infrastructure in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, to make videos. 

By getting sponsorship and government support, Ayman Sadiq enhanced the 10-minute school’s educational program and reached more than millions of students. 

Now, 10-minute school covers grade 1-12 Bangladesh national curriculum books. According to 2020 status, 10 minute school produced more than 19440 video lessons, more than 1114 SmartBooks, more than 49530 quizzes, and more than 1300 blogs. They reached almost 4000+ government schools to provide quality education with fun. 

10-minute school app

Ayman Sadiq’s other contribution is releasing the 10-minute school app. The international brand Unilever came forward to help Ayman to create an education-based app. As a result, education becomes more accessible and affordable for all classes of students. 

The app is well managed and has many sectors to make it user-friendly. Some of its sections are grade 1-12 courses, university admission, skill development, soft skills, presentation skills, and so many other things. Robi’s 10-minute school app has crossed one million downloads. 

However, the app has more than 1100 smartbooks (smart version of Bangladesh national curriculum books), more than 49400 test quizzes for IQ tests, and more than 900 educational vlogs.  

Ayman Sadiq as an actor

Ayman Sadiq is a multi-talented person. He did some commercial advertisements for Robi and other multinational companies. All of his commercial advertisements were also very successful and brought him more popularity. 

Ayman Sadiq as a motivational speaker

He is also a famous motivational speaker in Bangladesh. Many organizations invite him to give a speech and groom their employees to be self-confident and be hard workers. 

He has already completed 17 school activations, 13 college activations, 23 university activations, and 133 motivational sessions. He is a role model of the young generations, and most of them follow Ayman Sadiq and want to be like him. 

Ayman Sadiq as an author

Ayman Sadiq is also a book author. He doesn’t write traditional fiction books like novels or poetry; he comes with nonfiction books based on skill development. 

  • His first book, “Never stop learning,” was published at the book fair in 2018. The Addhayan publisher published this book. Now, Rokomary.com sells this book online, and it is the number one bestseller book under the student development category. 
  • His second book is “Student’s Hacks” which was published the following year’s book fair. It is not his only book. Sadman Sadik, the younger brother of Ayman Sadiq, is the co-author of this book. 
  • Ayman Sadiq’s third book is “Vallage na.” When he met any younger and told to do something, their reply was Vallage na. From their words, he received inspiration to write this comic but educational book. Antik Mahmud was the co-author of this book with Ayman Sadiq. It came to light in February 2019.
  • His fourth book is “Travel Bangladesh,” and it was published in 2019’s book fair. 
  • His last book is “Communication Hacks,” which was published on 1st January 2020. His first book publisher Addhayan published this book. Ayman Sadiq and Sadman Sadik are both the author of this book. The surprising fact is that the Communication Hacks book is sold by the largest e-commerce company Amazon. Bangla language’s book is sold from Amazon; it is excellent news for the whole Bengali community. 

Ayman Sadiq’s contribution to this Covid-19 pandemic

You all know that from March 2020, Covid-19 broke out all over the world. The government decided to close all the educational institutes to avoid child health threats and control this unwanted pandemic. Now the situation is the worst and till the educational institutions are closed. 

Ayman could realize this by his foresight. That’s why before lockdown, he ensured whiteboard, markers, light, and any other educational equipment to all of his 10-minute school instructors’ homes. They took daily 3 hours live classes for the students of grades 6-12. 

The classes are held from 9 am to 12 pm from Facebook live, YouTube channel live. As a result, the students can interact with the instructors and ask questions if they can’t understand any topics, which is incredible!

The darkest road of success – which you don’t know

Maybe you think that Ayman is a lucky man and all the things that happened smoothly in his life to get success. If you feel so, then you are wrong. Nothing happens smoothly in anyone’s life. Ayman isn’t the difference. He had to struggle a lot to reach his goal. 

He attempted many and succeeded a few. For example, 29 of his attempts were failed. He had to restart his planning and life 36 times, broke 73 pencils, and passed 96 sleepless nights to reach his goal.

Now, it’s your turn; think how many times you take attempts and restart your life to get success.

Personal life of Ayman Sadiq

Ayman Sadiq is personally a very gentleman, and there is always a sweet smile on his lip. He has a crush on lots of females because of his excellent behavior and dashing outlook. But, the heartbreaking fact for his female fans is that he is just married.

Ayman Sadiq Marriage

He married Munzereen Shahid, an English Trainer at 10 Minute School, on September 15, 2023, at a private akhd ceremony in DOHS Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The couple had kept their relationship and marriage plans under wraps for quite some time, but the news finally broke when a leaked wedding invitation card started circulating online. The couple confirmed their marriage on social media shortly after.

Ayman Sadiq is a well-known and respected figure in Bangladesh, and his marriage to Munzereen Shahid has generated a lot of excitement and goodwill among the public. The couple is seen as a power couple, and their marriage is seen as a symbol of success and progress.

Their reception program is scheduled for September 23, 2023 in Senakunjo, Dhaka cantonment.

Some unknown facts of Ayman Sadiq

  • He is 5 feet 6 inches tall
  • His weight is around 57 kg 
  • His hair is black
  • His eyes are dark
  • He doesn’t smoke and doesn’t like alcoholic drinks
  • His favorite hobbies are shopping, traveling, writing, and speaking
  • Black, white, blue, and red are his favorite colors.
  • He loves to eat rice, biriyani, and pizza.

The award of Ayman Sadiq

Ayman Sadiq is the name of a jewel. He won many national and international awards for his relentless effort to spread affordable and accessible education at this young age. Which is appreciated and exemplary for youngsters. Some of his wards are 

  • In 2018, he won the Queen’s Young Leaders Award from Queen Elizabeth.
  • In 2018, he was listed in Forbes Asia Under 30.
  • In 2017, DYDF Award as a Youth Icon
  • In 2017 Ayman Sadiq won the YSSE Impactful Project of the Year Award for 10-minute school. 
  • In 2017, he won Asia Pacific ICT Alliance, and it’s called the Oscar of ICT. 
  • In 2016, he won BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award for 10-minute school. Ayman Sadiq won this award for their outstanding contribution to e-learning. 
  • In 2016, he won the Swiss Embassy Award for 10-minute school. 
  • In 2016 he won the Youth Award.
  • In 2016 he won the Glomo prize, Barcelona.
  • In 2015, he won Bizmaestros Champion.
  • In 2013 he won the Brandwitz Champion.

The net worth

Very few people can earn as much name, fame, and wealth at such a younger age. But, Ayman Sadiq is exceptional. Though at first, his intuition was not to make money, now he is a millionaire. 

His free-of-cost project 10-minute school opens a lot of doors to earn money. According to 2020 status, his net worth is approximately 2 million dollars to 5 million dollars as he has multiple income sources, so it’s not unexpected. Some of his income streams are

  • Facebook, YouTube, motivational speaker, book author, personal business, etc., are his familiar income sources. 
  • His monthly income is approximately 100000 US dollars. 
  • His yearly income is approximately 2 million US dollars.
  • He has his car and also gets a government car facility.  

Wrap up

Ayman Sadiq upholds the flag of our country internationally and is a pride of Bangladesh. His contribution to the educational sector is enormous. He shows that nothing can keep down anyone if he/she has confidence, a hard-working attitude, and devoted time to reach the goal. 

The equation of success is 

Hard work + honesty + talent + luck = success

Ayman Sadiq combines all the things and is a successful content creator in education. 

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