Bashundhara Group | The incredible growth and net worth

It’s very challenging to find people who are not familiar with Bashundhara Group Ltd. You are using many products of this group every day. The reputation of this organization has spread all around. But they have had to burn a lot of wood to get to this position today. 

Today you get the success story of earning total assets of $5.884 billion of this Group of company LTD. But there are a lot of ups and downs behind the success. 

This article will discover the company’s behind the story and some personal information about its founder, Mr. Ahmed Akbar. We all know the story of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The old story of Akbar’s reign and his rule is in everyone’s mouth. 

Let us know about the influential Business and prestige of Ahmed Akbar’s Bashundhara from the old to the present era. Then let’s start the discussion.

History Of Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group was first and foremost a paper and cement business. Ahmed Akbar has contributed the most to come to this position today from the paper and cement. 

He is a hardworking, successful entrepreneur and the most significant symbol of honesty. Bashundhara Group started its journey through East-West Development and Properties Limited. 

Which later became famous as Bashundhara Housing. Ensuring the highest quality of service, this company has become an unrivaled name of consumer confidence. The way forward for the Bashundhara Group was never easy. 

Mr. Ahmed Akbar had to go through many ups and downs to bring the Bashundhara Group to this stage. In any case, he was trying to advance his business. Through honesty, dedication, patience, and effort, he has brought Bashundhara Group to its present position.

Bashundhara Group has expanded its business to at least three dozen other large-scale industries. For example, steel, engineering, paper, tissue, cement, LP gas, sanitary napkins, paper products, shipbuilding, food and beverage, iron pipe manufacturing. Ahmed Akbar’s skillful management, foresight, and skillful planning have paved the way for success in every field.

Bashundhara Group has created an enormous workplace not only in the business sector. The group often employs more than 50,000 workers in various sectors. Besides, more than fifty lakh people are working directly and indirectly in Bashundhara Group.

It has played a unique role in the socio-economic sector of the country through its vast contribution to the revenue sector. The company has been successful as the country’s top revenue earner for many years.


Ahmed Akbar is not in affiliation with any political party in Bangladesh. But he owns four influential media outlets. They are; The daily Kaler Kantho, The daily Bangladesh Pratidin, the Daily Sun, and BD News 24. He is also associated with multiple banks.

Not only that, the Basundhara group has already taken place in the playground. It had built a football team named Basundhara Kings. The team leaders also forced their opponents to form quality footballers.

It is an effort to develop football in our country. And both the teams are trying to get visitors back from the beginning. Besides forming a football team, Bashundhara Group has also created a fan club. He takes various programs with the club members throughout the season.

Basundhara Kings have done everything for the club in the Bashundhara area. Along with this, the construction work of a complete complex is in full swing. All of these happened because of the sincerity of Ahmed Akbar. The chairman of Bashundhara Group loved sports and played at a very young age.

He created Bashundhara King because of his weakness in the game. One season has often cost eleven million dollars behind this team. Besides, the name of this group has spread to everyone through this football team in a short time. 

Net Worth Of Bashundhara Group 

Bashundhara Group’s total assets amount to 5.884 billion dollars or BDT 50,000 crore.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Vision Of This Company 

There are four visions of the Bashundhara group. Such as 

● The first and foremost slogan is to move forward unitedly. 

● The unwavering desire of this company is to bring harmony to all types of buyers and customers, including all employees, investors, and customer service providers working in the company. 

● It has always been trying to figure out how to produce quality and sustainable products. 

● The main goal and challenge is to deliver the best product to every household in Bangladesh with customer satisfaction and affordable price.

Enterprises Of Bashundhara Company 

Bashundhara group now operates over forty Enterprise companies all over Bangladesh. Here is the list of enterprises

● East-West Property Development (Pvt) Limited

● Meghna Cement Mills Limited

● Bashundhara Shipping Lines Limited

● Bashundhara Shipping Limited

● Bashundhara Logistics Limited

● Bashundhara Horticulture Limited

● Bashundhara Chemical Industries Limited

● Bashundhara Trading Company Limited

● Bashundhara International Trade Center Limited

● Bashundhara Multi Trading Limited

● Bashundhara General Trading LLC Dubai

● Bashundhara Employment Services

● Bashundhara Electricity Limited

● Bashundhara Infrastructure Development Limited

● Bashundhara Import Export Limited

● Bashundhara Agricultural Products Limited

● Bashundhara Multi Agricultural Company Limited

● Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Limited

● Bashundhara Amusement Park Limited

● Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Limited

● Bashundhara Multipurpose Port Limited

● Bashundhara Textile Mills Limited

● Bashundhara Airways Limited

● Bashundhara Multi Food Products Limited

● Bashundhara Technologies Limited

● Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited

● Bashundhara Fine Paper Limited

● Bashundhara Pulp & Board Mills Limited

● Bashundhara LP Gas Limited

● Bashundhara City Development Limited

● Bashundhara Steel Complex Limited

● Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited

● Bashundhara Steel And Engineering Limited

● Bashundhara Multi Steel Industries

● Bashundhara Foundation

● Bashundhara Convention Center

● Bashundhara Dredging Company Limited

● Bashundhara Technical Institute

● Bashundhara Telecommunications Network Limited

● Bashundhara Food and Beverage Industries Limited

● Sundarban Industrial Complex Limited

● Bashundhara Cement Industries Limited

● Bashundhara Prefabricated Building Manufacturing Industries

● Dhaka Multi Agricultural Complex Limited

● Sea Real Estate Developers Limited

● East-West Media Group

● Bashundhara Kings

● Rangpur Riders

● Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (Bangladesh)

● Toggi Services Limited

● T Sports

Some Personal information of Ahmed Akbar 

Ahmed Akbar is the chairman of Bashundhara Group, one of the most leading industrial companies in the country. His full name is Ahmed Akbar Sobhan. Akbar was born in February 1952 in an aristocratic family in Islampur, Old Dhaka. His village home is Bancharampur in Adi Brahmanbaria district.

His father, Alhaj Abdul Sobhan, is a lawyer in the Dhaka High Court. And his mother, Umme Kulsum, is a housewife. Akbar Sobhan is the youngest of his four siblings. He graduated from Dhaka University with a degree in business.

As a student, he was a healthy sportsman and the most alert among his classmates. From that time on, he never dreamed of getting a job. Instead, he dreamed of giving a job to others. To fulfill that dream, he started his career in the internal services sector in 1986. He always believes in the same motto of there is no shortcut to success.

Social activities of Ahmed Akbar and Bashundhara group

Apart from his business endeavors, Ahmed Akbar has also made exemplary contributions to social activities at the national and international levels. Despite being at the top of success, he did not forget to stand by the native culture and poor people. He continues to contribute to developmental activities every day. 

● The two Human Welfare Foundations established by Bashundhara Group have been working tirelessly to facilitate the way of life of the bereaved.

● Bashundhara Group has been generously donating to help the girl’s poor father to marry their daughter.

● Ahmed Akbar Sobhan has achieved a shining example of social service by carrying out all the medical expenses. He provides financial assistance to the journalists working in different media of the country in an accident or disaster while performing their professional duties. 

● He has also set many examples of standing by helpless and endangered people. He has stood beside the people affected by any disaster, including floods, cyclones, and even the Rana Plaza tragedy. 

● In his generosity, he donated generously to children suffering from complex diseases. 

● He also donated to build a mosque-madrasa and to establish a school college.

● He has also provided scholarships to deserving students and arranged education for the children of needy families. 

● Not only that, he has been providing medical services through Manikganj and Brakshanbaria Free Fide Clinics. 

● Bashundhara Group bears the health and medical expenses of all types of employees employed in East-West Company.

● He has installed many deep and shallow tube wells to solve the water crisis in remote areas. 

● He has generously given donations to construct and renovate roads, bridges, culverts, and various institutions. 

● He has provided free food to about 600 students in his village Durgapur. 

● Thousands of students are getting Dwini education in different places, including Manikganj and Brakshanbaria, with his grant.

One of his notable statements is – “I will not be good alone; it is never desirable. Rather, let the people of the country be all good. I desire to find a way to be good.”

He added, “When a family loses its master, they have nothing. When they become helpless, the support that the Bashundhara Group is providing in this situation will always continue. The goal of the Bashundhara Group is to stand by the welfare of the country.”

In the meantime, he will stand by the students of Dhaka University studying journalism and mass communication, including the National Press Club and Dhaka Reporter. He wants to do something for these three organizations not to have to reach out to people for financial support. Find the social works of an actor, producer, and entrepreneur.


Bashundhara Group, created by Sobhan Ali Akbar, is the pride of our country. There is no equal company that makes this vast economic development of Bangladesh far-reaching and fruitful. The current board of directors and chairman of the company, which serves the country and the world, has taken up several plans. 

Ahmed Akbar said that “all the income of Bashundhara Group from East-West Media will be given” to the journalists.” We wish him success in his endeavors to benefit the journalists and expand his efforts and cooperation towards the welfare of the people. Let Ahmed Akbar go further and make the interest of this country more prosperous. 

Hopefully, in the future, Bashundhara Group will be more focused on serving the country as the number one company in the country. It will take Bangladesh forward to the pinnacle of development.

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