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If you are a representative of this young generation. In that case, you must listen first to Shomi Kaiser’s name to your mother’s or father’s words. The simple reason is that she is one of the most famous Bangladeshi actresses in the late nineties. 

That time there was no cable line with multiple channels, Facebook, YouTube for entertainment. Only the national television channel Bangladesh television or BTV was the only way of entertainment. 

Shomi Kaiser was the famous leading television actress at that time. 

After that, she turned her career as a producer. Here, we will discuss Shomi Kaiser’s age, occupation, marriage, net worth, and so many other things. So please keep your eyes on our article to explore Shomi Kaiser’s personal and professional information. Let’s start

Shomi Kaiser Childhood

Shomi Kaiser was born on 15th January 1969 in Fenni, Chittagong district of Bangladesh. That means now she is 52 years old. Her father is Shahidullah Kaiser, the martyred and freedom fighter, and her mother, Panna Kaiser, a former member of the Bangladesh Parliament and writer.

Shomi Kaiser has two siblings, a brother named Amitabh Kaiser and a sister named Maya. She grew up in her village. She also has a cousin brother named Mahi B. Chowdhury.

Educational background of shomi Kaiser

She took her primary and secondary education from the village school. She took her higher secondary education from Holy Cross College. After completing secondary, she got admitted to Dhaka University, and she received an MA degree from there. She was a bright student in her student life, that’s why she got most of the marks in every course. 

Start acting career 

In 1989, famous Bengali drama director Atiqul Haque Chowdhury looked for a new face for her drama “Keba Apan Keba Por,” who knew the local Noakhali dialect. Shomi Kaiser knew the Noakhali dialect very well. Hence, she got the chance to act in this drama. 

It was her starring journey. She performed outstandingly at that drama and was noticed by another famous drama director Abdullah Al Mamun. He offered Shomi Kaiser for his three-part drama “Joto Dure Jai,” which he wanted to make based on a famous novel by Imdadul Haq Milon. Shomi Kaiser took the opportunity and showed her excellent acting skills. 

She also performed in Dhaka theatre for 12 years in her career. One of her best plays is “Haat Hodai,” where her co-actor was Shahiduzzaman Selim. Here is a list of Shomi Kaiser’s best drama 

Gangchil Bhalobasa, Bikeler Megh, Nakkhotrer Raat, Nitu Tomake Valobashe, Chhoto Chhoto Dheu, Ojana Valobash, Sparsho, Achana, Ekjona, Anumati Parthana, Ariyana, Shesher Pore, Akaney Anek Raat, Tomai Dilam Prithibi, Pramer Porikkha, Mukti, Pashe Theko, Antorey Nirantor, Tomake Chuye, Swapno, Thikana, and many more.

Besides drama, she also worked in films. Her first film was “Hason Raja,” which was released in 2002 and it was a super hit cinema. Her other films are “Ekti Nadir Naam,” released in 2002, a biography of famous film detector Ritwik Ghatak, and “Lalon,” released in 2004. 

The above is her acting career at a glance. 

Shomi Kaiser as a producer

In 1997 she started her own production house Dhansiri. From her production house, she produced two films. One was “Mukti“, and another was “Antorey Nirantor“. In 2013, she achieved another milestone from her production house Dhansiri. That was a license to open a private radio station. Her radio station’s name is Radio Active. Find some fantastic facts about actor, producer, entrepreneur Ananta.

Shomi Kaiser as a director of E-CAB

She never puts herself always busy with one thing. She is a multi-talented lady. Alongside her acting and production house, she also worked for an e-commerce business. That’s why she became the President of (E-CAB) E-Commerce Association in 2018. She brilliantly performed her responsibility of the directorship of E-CAB. She worked for all the members of the organization beyond anyone’s interest.

As a representative of E-CAB, she was the directors of the

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) for the term 2019-21 and 2021-23.

Shomi Kaiser as a politician

When she was performing for the President’s responsibility of E-CAB, she started her political journey. That year, she got a nomination from Feni-3 as a candidate for the Bangladesh Awami League party.

Personal life of Shomi Kaiser

Till now, we have talked about Shomi Kaiser’s early age and career. Let’s have a look at her personal life. She has married three times. And she has no children in any of her marriages. 

1st marriage

In 1999, at the age of 30, she married an Indian businessman named Arnob Banerjee Ringo. Both of them continue their married life only for two years. In 2001, they decided to separate from each other and ended their marriage by getting a divorce.  

2nd marriage

After her divorce, she led her life single for seven years. And in 2008, she thought she could give her life a second chance. She tied her knot for the second time with Mahammad A Arafat, the Independent University faculty teacher. They continued their marriage life for seven years. In 2015, they thought it would be better to divorce as they can’t live happily with each other. On 24th July 2008, they finally divorced. 

3rd marriage

Recently on 9th October 2020, she got married to Reza Amin Sumon. He is a CEO of a company named Euro Vigil fighter private limited. For her third marriage, she has to face many controversies from her fan followers. In that case, she said, “First of all, we are excellent friends, and then fall in love. And then we have decided to get married.” 

Though because of her third marriage, she had to face many controversies. But, if she can lead a happy life with her husband, there is nothing important than this.

The net worth of shomi Kaiser

As she is a well-known actress and has led Bangladeshi drama for almost two decades, that’s why most of her earnings come from this profession. Her net worth is approximately 1 million USD. If we transfer this amount in Bangladeshi currency, that will be 84 million taka. 

Favorite things of shomi Kaiser

In this part of our writing, we will disclose her favorite things. We hope, as a fan of Shomi Kaiser, you will like this information.

●    Favorite Foods

As a Bengali, she mostly likes Bengali dishes. Like rice, hilsa fish and Biryani. Besides, she also loves to eat fast food, pizza, pasta, etc.

●    Favorite Colours

Her favorite color is not limited to one or two colors. She loves multiple colors. White, black, blue, red, etc., are her favorite colors.

●    Favorite Sports    

Since she has engaged most of the time with many works, that’s why she doesn’t get too much time to watch sports. But, still, if she can manage time loves to watch football. 

●    Favorite Poet

Shomi Kaiser loves Bangla literature. Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore is her favorite poet.

●    Favorite Hobby

Though she has explored different shades of her career, she loves acting. Alongside acting whenever she can manage some time for herself, she likes to travel. By traveling to other places, she can see the unseen and enjoy the world’s natural beauty. She loves visiting Cox Bazar, India, the USA, and many more places.

●    Favorite Actress    

Since she is a media personality, that’s why she loves national and international actresses. In Bollywood, her favorite actresses are Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. And in Dollywood, her famous actresses are Moushumi, Shabana, and Shabnur.

●    Favorite Animal

Her favorite animals are cats and dogs. 


Every celebrity indeed has to face some controversy in their life. But, above all, their genuine fans always love them. It’s not different in the case of Shomi Kaiser, and she has millions of fans. 

If your friends are also fans of Shomi Kaiser, don’t forget to share these words with your friends. 

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